Saturday, 5 May 2012

Review: Bellio Shoes

The innate trait of vanity is becoming more and more apparent in my little girl. She loves carrying bags and strutting around in a somewhat tai tai fashion. She pulls out clothes from her closet, gets me to put them on for her; and proceeds to check herself out in the mirror. And her greatest love, a girl's best friend - shoes. She adores shoes and will try them on at every opportunity. So with much delight, she welcomed her latest fashion accessory.

Thanks to Elly, we received a pair of Bellio shoes for Baby C to explore her world in. Bellio shoes are hand sewn in Sweden and the leather used is organically produced in Sweden using vegetable-based tanning methods that are environmentally friendly and gentle on a toddler's delicate skin.  Bellio shoes:
  • are flexible;
  • are designed to ensure a snug fit;
  • do not constrict tiny growing feet.

For more information on why soft-sole shoes are good for your child, check out this post on Elly's blog.

The shoes were soft and really comfortable. I liked that there was no separate piece of lining inside the shoe or a hard sole. The problem I faced with many of Baby C's shoes was that either the lining or the sole started to peel/come off after frequent use. It got rather frustrating to be replacing shoes so often!

Another important aspect in choosing shoes was the grip it provided. As Baby C is now learning to run, a good pair of shoes which allowed her to do so safely was of paramount importance.

She wore the shoes to a shopping mall and to the airport, the weekend after we received the shoes. And when greeted by the vast space at the airport, she couldn't resist roaming and running. I was a little concerned initially because I had the mentality that hard soles provided the grip and wasn't sure if soft-sole shoes can do the job. And the verdict? It did an excellent job! No falls, no mishaps, just an ecstatic toddler bubbling over with joy at being able to play catch with her brother!

Bellio shoes comes in many designs for both boys and girls age 4 months to 2 years. Bellios can be bought at Elly, which is located at Cluny Court, #02-29.

Here's Baby C in her Erica in Purple Bellio shoes.

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